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Georgia Insurance License Requirements

For detailed information, please refer directly to the State Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Georgia Insurance Department
Agents Licensing
908 West Tower
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Atlanta GA 30334
Fax Number: 404-656-0874

The resident agent applicant must complete an approved prelicensing course unless specifically exempted by Chapter 23 of Title 33 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated or this Regulation.

License Requirements Summary

License Type Fingerprinting Required Pre-License Education Sponsorship/ Certificate of Authority Application Required Application Fees License Fees
LifeYes20-hour Life course taken within last 12 monthsCompany CA required after licensureYes$15$50
Accident & HealthYes20-hour Accident and Sickness course taken within last 12 monthsCompany CA required after licensureYes$15$50
PropertyYes20-hour Property course taken within last 12 monthsCompany CA required after licensureYes$15$50
CasualtyYes20-hour Casualty course, and 20-hour Personal Lines course taken within last 12 monthsCompany CA required after licensureYes$15$50

The applicant must pass the required examination for licensure within 12 months of the completion of the prelicensing course. All applicants must apply for licensure within 12 months from receiving a passing grade on the examination.

General Licensing Qualifications

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Title 33, Chapter 23, and Chapter 120-2-3 of the Rules and Regulations of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance cover the licensing of insurance agents, subagents, adjusters and counselors. Other license types are covered in specific code and rule sections. The information in this section is provided as a general guide for new resident applicants qualifying by examination and answers the most commonly asked licensing questions. For specific authoritative information, applicants should contact their insurance company or refer to the appropriate code and/or rule sections.

Procedures for Applying for a License

The general procedure for applying for a license is to register and pass the required examination and then submit a complete application package to the Georgia Insurance Department.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 1, 2010, all new resident applicants, excluding active licensees and individuals who apply for reinstatement within six (6) months of expiration date, shall be required to submit electronic fingerprints for a criminal background check. The applicant shall bear the cost for electronic fingerprinting. Information regarding fingerprint requirements can be found on the Georgia Insurance Department's website. Effective January 1, 2010, the application process for an agent license will no longer require sponsorship by an insurer. Upon issuance of the agent license, the licensee must obtain a certificate of authority from each insurer that they will represent. Sponsorship by an insurer is still required for all temporary license applicants. Electronic online application services are available at

Exam Fees

Exams for state level testing are administered through Pearson VUE. Candidates may also contact Pearson VUE with questions about licensing and continuing education.

Georgia Insurance
Department/Pearson VUE
PO Box 2357
Smyrna, GA 30081-2357
(888) 204-6204

The examination fee ($90) must be paid at the time of reservation to Person VUE by credit card, debit card, voucher or electronic check. Fees will not be accepted at the test center. Examination fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, except as detailed in the Change/Cancel Policy.

Securities License Requirements

Any securities professional associated with a member firm-including partners, officers, directors, branch managers, department supervisors, and salespersons-must register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The registration application requires information about the individual's prior employment and disciplinary history. FINRA prescribes two levels of qualification and registration:

  • Registered representatives, generally sales personnel
  • Principals, generally officers of the firm and other management personnel involved in the day-to-day operation of the firm's investment banking or securities business

As part of the registration process, securities professionals must pass examinations administered by FINRA to demonstrate competence in the areas in which they will work. These mandatory qualification examinations cover a broad range of subjects on the markets, as well as the securities industry and its regulatory structure, ensuring a minimum level of understanding and expertise. For additional information, you should consult with your broker-dealer management team. You may also visit FINRA's website for detailed information.

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