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Illinois Insurance License Requirements


Pre-licensing Education

The Illinois Division of Insurance recommends that applicants complete their pre-licensing education before taking the examination. Confirmation of completion of the pre-licensing education from the education provider must be received by the Division of Insurance before they will issue a license.

The purpose of the state-mandated pre-licensing education program is to prepare the candidate for the examination and his/her future insurance career.

To obtain information on state-approved pre-licensing education providers, candidates may contact the Division of Insurance visit the Division’s Web site at:


Obtaining a License

The following licensing requirements must be met before the Division of Insurance will issue a license.

  • Fulfill the pre-licensing education requirements. As of January 1, 2010, 7.5 hours must be completed in a physical classroom setting.
  • Pass the required examination
  • Complete the NAIC Uniform application
  • Pay the $180 license fee (for new two-year license) by check or money order. Cash will not be accepted at the Division of Insurance.
  • A surety bond must be maintained in the candidate’s possession, if required

Applicants may receive further information by visiting the Agents/Brokers tab on the Division's web site at: The Illinois Department of Insurance


Electronic License Application and Instructions

The license application will be completed electronically on the examination system just before the candidate begins the examination.

When a passing grade is achieved, candidates will receive a score report reflecting the responses given, as well as instructions on submitting the NAIC Uniform application to the Illinois Division of Insurance.

A subsequent application need not be submitted by those who already hold an Illinois producer license, or who have already submitted an application for a license to the Division of Insurance, when they pass an examination for additional lines. Once the Division has been notified that the candidate has passed the additional tests, and has been notified by the education provider that prelicensing education has been completed, it will automatically update the license record and send an amended license, which will include the additional authority.

The Illinois Candidate Handbook provides additional information regarding the examination procedures.

Securities License Requirements

Any securities professional associated with a member firm-including partners, officers, directors, branch managers, department supervisors, and salespersons-must register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The registration application requires information about the individual's prior employment and disciplinary history. FINRA prescribes two levels of qualification and registration:

  • Registered representatives, generally sales personnel
  • Principals, generally officers of the firm and other management personnel involved in the day-to-day operation of the firm's investment banking or securities business

As part of the registration process, securities professionals must pass examinations administered by FINRA to demonstrate competence in the areas in which they will work. These mandatory qualification examinations cover a broad range of subjects on the markets, as well as the securities industry and its regulatory structure, ensuring a minimum level of understanding and expertise. For additional information, you should consult with your broker-dealer management team. You may also visit FINRA's website for detailed information.

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