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Why More Virginia Insurance Professionals Choose Online Learning

You are going to be really pleased by the ease and enjoyment online learning provides. Not only does Internet-based training give you complete flexibility with your training pace and hours, (your courses are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) but it has also been proven you are going to learn better and faster.

The Problem with Classroom Learning

For certain disciplines, hands-on training is mandated. To teach a doctor how to do brain surgery, or a politician how to improve his public speaking, real life demonstrations in a classroom setting are invaluable. But for many other professions, the classroom is not the best venue for learning. There are many reasons for this.

  • The Teacher in a Classroom Setting Goes Slower or Faster than You Like Ė The science of pedagogy mandates that teachers in a classroom setting go at an "average" pace in order to reach the maximum percentage of students. By design that means that if you are a quick study, youíll be bored; if you are not catching the concept, youíll wish the professor went a little slower. Students in classrooms are always wishing the teacher would either speed up or slow down.
  • The Other Students in a Classroom Often Bog Down the Progress Ė In addition to the teacher slowing down progress, other students in a classroom usually do the same. We all know what it feels like when that one student keeps raising their hand with questions, and the teacher is interrupted countless times. Sure, itís good for that studentís learning curve, but at a high cost of your time wasted and your attention span.
  • The Linear Nature of a Classroom Means Lots of Wasted Time -Teachers use syllabi in classrooms in a linear method - that means they start at Chapter 1 and continue to Chapter 2, 3 etc. in order. But research shows that many students would be better served by skipping around within the syllabus, and concentrating on those subjects they are weak in, while spending less time on strong ones. Remember in High School how many times you "skipped ahead" in your textbook?
  • The Furniture in a Physical Classroom is Not Conducive to Learning -Recent studies by NASA confirmed that our ability to learn and perform is directly related to our physical posture. Stuff a student into a business suit, and fold him or her into a stiff wooden desk/chair combination, and their performance goes down. Let them train horizontally, in comfortable clothing, with their own ideal lighting, and performance goes up.
  • The Location of the Classroom Means More Time Traveling Instead of Studying - On average, because most professionals commute, youíll invest a minimum of 12 hours extra in a vehicle just traveling to and from your classroom. Thatís time wasted on the road, rather than your studies, and your grades and retention of knowledge will suffer as a result.

The Benefits of Online Learning

In short, Internet-based training mitigates all of these problems that classroom-based trained students usually have to deal with. allows you to:

  • Go at the Learning Pace and speed that is ideal for you, not an "average" classroom;
  • Relate to your Instructor individually, with no distractions from other students;
  • Skip around and review your course of study in the order that is ideal for you;
  • Train comfortably: in your pajamas in bed, or swimming suit by the pool;
  • Eliminate wasted time traveling, parking, and eating fast food.

Since 1996 hundreds of thousands of students just like you have successfully used this same online learning system to save time and money in pursuing a new career and obtain their professional license in the most exigent way possible.

Donít wait for that next slow-paced, boring classroom course. Enroll here at ILX now, and get started in the next 5 minutes. You could be practicing your profession this month, if you enroll now with!

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