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Wisconsin Insurance License Requirements

State Licensing Information
Candidates may contact the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance with questions about obtaining or maintaining a license after the examination has been passed.

Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
P.O. Box 7872
Madison, WI 53707-7872
(608) 266-8699

Prelicensing Education

Prelicensing education is required for all candidates applying for a license in the major lines of Life, Accident & Health, Property, Casualty, and Personal Lines P&C. Education must be completed at a school approved by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. Persons completing approved self-study prelicensing courses must pass an exam administered by the approved school to receive credit. These exams are in addition to the licensing exams required by the state of Wisconsin.

Prelicensing education must be completed prior to taking the examination, and is valid for one year from the date of completion. The course content provided by schools will include eight (8) hours of study of the principles of insurance, general Wisconsin insurance laws and ethics. Once these eight hours are completed, they need not be repeated for each line. Twelve (12) hours regarding policies, terms and concepts and line specific insurance law must be completed for each major line.

Therefore, a candidate applying for all four major lines would be required to complete a total of 56 hours of education prior to testing.

Upon successful completion of the education requirement, you will receive a Certificate of Prelicensing Education. Your school is required to electronically bank your course information within 10 days of completion. This is required in order for you to apply for a license once you are successful on the exam(s).

Candidate Handbooks, which include exam and reservation information, are available from the schools (see as part of their instructional materials. Information in the Handbook will outline Wisconsin's electronic testing procedure. This system allows you to register with the testing service by telephone at least one (1) business day in advance of an exam. The exam fees are $75 per line of authority. The Candidate Handbook is also available on Pearson VUE's (formerly Promissor) Web site. $52.25 will be collected by the testing service to complete the FBI fingerprinting requirement as well as an electronic Crime Information Bureau report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. This report is required and is valid for 180 days.

Wisconsin Candidate Handbook provides additional information regarding the examination procedures.

Wisconsin Digital Fingerprinting Requirements -

Fingerprinting is required of all new resident applicants. Reservations for fingerprints must be made AFTER reservations have been made for the license examination. You will be asked to provide your candidate identification number located on the confirmation letter you receive after making your exam reservation. Without this number you will not be permitted to make a fingerprint reservation. Fingerprints are scanned at the test center and sent to the FBI electronically. To make a reservation for fingerprints, you should contact L-1 Solutions, fingerprinting vendor for the State of Wisconsin and subcontractor of Pearson VUE, by phone at (866) 416-4896 or enroll online at The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance continues to require the separate electronic Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau (CIB) check. The cost of fingerprinting is $34.25 and the fee for the separate CIB check is $18.00. The total amount for the background and fingerprint check is $52.25, collected at the time of the reservation. The completed reports are valid for 180 days.

Securities License Requirements

Any securities professional associated with a member firm-including partners, officers, directors, branch managers, department supervisors, and salespersons-must register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The registration application requires information about the individual's prior employment and disciplinary history. FINRA prescribes two levels of qualification and registration:

  • Registered representatives, generally sales personnel
  • Principals, generally officers of the firm and other management personnel involved in the day-to-day operation of the firm's investment banking or securities business

As part of the registration process, securities professionals must pass examinations administered by FINRA to demonstrate competence in the areas in which they will work. These mandatory qualification examinations cover a broad range of subjects on the markets, as well as the securities industry and its regulatory structure, ensuring a minimum level of understanding and expertise. For additional information, you should consult with your broker-dealer management team. You may also visit FINRA's website for detailed information.

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