5 Reasons Your Insurance License School Matters

insurance license school

As you start your insurance career, choosing which insurance license school to attend is one of the first—and most vital—decisions you’ll need to make. You’ll want to ensure that the school meets your particular learning style, is affordable, and has a good reputation. After all, it will be the school that teaches you the information you need to pass your state exam and become a licensed insurance agent.

When it’s time to decide which insurance license school is right for you, here are five considerations that you should keep in mind.

1. Time

Time is money. How much time do you have to dedicate to earning your insurance license? A month? A year? Some insurance schools can take months to complete. Are you willing to spend that time to become a licensed insurance professional? The sooner you complete the insurance pre-licensing class, the sooner you can pass your state exam and begin your career as an insurance agent.

Online courses offered by Insurance License Express allow you to finish your pre-licensing coursework in less than four weeks.

2. Difference in cost

Depending on which insurance license school you attend, you may be spending more money than necessary. Some insurance schools charge thousands of dollars for you to attend class and become a licensed insurance professional, while others cost just a few hundred dollars. There will also be cost differences depending on whether or not you choose an in-person or online insurance license school. Make sure that you research your options before selecting a school based on cost alone.

With the online course at Insurance License Express, you will spend less than $500 to become a licensed insurance professional.

3. Performance guarantees

Does the school offer a performance guarantee? You should look into whether or not the school guarantees that you will perform well on your state-administered insurance exam. A performance guarantee puts many students at ease. They can rest assured knowing that their school has created a course guaranteed to help them pass their exam.

Insurance License Express, for example, offers performance guarantees to ensure that all prospective insurance agents pass their state licensing exam.

4. Added benefits of an online insurance license school

Not everyone learns at the same pace, so it’s important that your insurance license school works with you on how you learn and how fast you learn. If you want to successfully complete the insurance licensing course and pass the state-administered exam, it is important that you are learning at your own pace. This is a huge benefit of attending an online insurance license school.

Another feature that will help you be successful in your progress toward becoming a licensed insurance agent is 24/7 training. If you have a busy schedule and need to work around it to complete the course, online courses with 24/7 training will greatly benefit you. To ensure that you’re performing at your best, it’s also helpful to have an instructor available to work with you 24/7. Online instructors can usually work around your schedule to assist you in completing the course and preparing for your exam.

5. Updated coursework

How often does the insurance license school update their coursework? The state-administered insurance exam may have been updated or changed since the initial coursework was created for the class. Therefore, it’s vital to pick an insurance school frequently that updates its coursework content to adhere to the most current exam content.

These are a few key considerations you should make when choosing among different insurance schools. Use these as guidelines to help you select the insurance license school that’s right for you.

Ready to select an insurance school? Learn more about the online insurance license courses and training packages offered by Insurance License Express.


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