6 Tips for Passing Your Insurance License Exam

insurance license exam

Congratulations! You’ve decided to study for your insurance license exam. Now the fun part: you must pass the test. While there are a wealth of tips available regarding study methods and ways to prepare for your exam in advance, here are a few day-of-the-test tips that will help you pass your insurance license exam the first time.

Complete your pre-licensing coursework, study with a test prep program, and consider these test-day tips designed to help you pass your insurance exam with flying colors.

1. Read each question carefully

No matter how many hours you have studied, never become so confident that you rush through the exam without reading each question closely and carefully. To fully understand what a question is asking, you need to read the question slowly. Take your time to understand what the question is asking before selecting your answer. Rushing through each question may cause you to miss important details or words that could help you choose the correct answer.

2. Read all answer choices

Read every single answer choice before deciding which one is correct. Usually you can narrow the choices down to two that are similar in wording, and you must choose which one best answers the question. Never choose an answer before reviewing the other options, because you could miss the right answer.

3. Choose your answer based on info provided in the question

When you’re taking the insurance license exam, everything you need to know to answer a question will be provided in the question itself. Don’t make assumptions based on what you think may be common sense. Focus on only the information provided in the question, and think of how the information may be related to the four answer choices.

4. Stick with your first answer

It’s common for people to change their answers multiple times when taking multiple-choice exams. Stick to your gut instinct and your first-choice answer. Be sure to review all answer choices before deciding on a final answer. But once you have made your decision, stick with it. The only time you should change an answer is if you misread the question.

5. Watch the time

While it is important to take your time and read through each question carefully, you should also be mindful of the clock, because the insurance exam is timed. Periodically check how much time is left to make sure that you are moving at a healthy pace. Skip any difficult questions and go back to them after you have answered the questions you feel more confident about. Watching the time will help you avoid rushing and making mistakes.

Remember: Don’t stress about one particular question. Move on to the ones you do know, and return to it later.

6. Stay calm and confident as you take your insurance license exam

Test taking can be stressful, but it’s best to stay calm and confident during your insurance license exam. Take a deep breath and do the best that you can. Come prepared and stay focused during the exam so that you will pass the first time around. The more you study and prepare, the less you will stress during the exam. If you take your time and stay relaxed, you’ll be more likely to pass. The sooner you pass your insurance license exam, the sooner you can begin your career in the insurance business.

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