Day in the Life of an Insurance Agent

day in the life of an insurance agent

Are you considering pursuing your insurance license and becoming an insurance agent? Are you wondering exactly what insurance agents do at work, what their daily tasks are, and how much money they make? We’ve put together some information to help you take a look into the day-to-day life of an insurance agent.

What does an insurance agent do?

An insurance agent primarily helps clients understand different insurance policies and what plans are the best fit for them. Here are several typical duties that an agent may perform on any given day:

  • Explain different policy options
  • Analyze clients’ current insurance policies and suggest proper additions or changes
  • Increase business by calling potential clients
  • Meet with potential new clients to talk about their current coverage and insurance needs
  • Process policy renewals
  • Assist clients in settling insurance claims

What skills does an insurance agent need?

To be a successful insurance agent, you will need a wide array of skill sets that you will use every single day at work. Below are five key skills that insurance professionals rely on every day.

1. Self-motivation

You have to be self-motivated to be successful. You have to grow your business by contacting both potential and current clients. You have to recognize opportunities and take the initiative to act on those opportunities.

2. Analytical skills

As an insurance agent, you must be able to analyze clients’ risks and the benefits of each different policy option. This will enable you to help your clients find the right policy.

3. Customer service

One of the most important skill sets needed to be a successful insurance agent is customer service. Your job is to help clients assess their individual insurance needs and to find them the best insurance plans to fit those needs.

4. Sales and marketing

Insurance agents are salespeople. Their job is to market and sell insurance policies. As an insurance agent, you must market both yourself and your insurance products. You must call and set up meetings with prospective clients to find out what their financial situation is and what their goals are.

5. Continuous learning

State regulations and insurance policies are constantly changing. Therefore, it is essential for insurance agents to stay on top of the changes through continuous learning and high-quality insurance training.

How much do insurance agents make?

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for insurance agents was $48,150. Insurance agents are paid salary only, salary plus commission, or salary plus a bonus. For insurance agents who are paid commission, the amount of commission differs based on the type of insurance, how much insurance is sold, and whether it is a new policy or renewal policy.

What does the future look like for insurance agents?

The employment of insurance agents is increasing every year. This growth should be even higher for agents who sell health insurance, due to the federal health insurance reform legislation. The bottom line is that everyone is required to have insurance, so the insurance industry will continue to thrive.

How to get started

If you are ready to take the first step in becoming an insurance agent, it’s time to select an insurance school. If you have a tight schedule, online insurance school may be the best option for you, because it offers flexibility, it’s affordable, and you can work at your own pace as you begin your insurance career.

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