How to Ace Your Insurance License Test

ace your insurance license test

Preparing for your state insurance license exam may feel overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created a quick guide to ease the process and help you prepare. Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing coursework, use these six tips and best practices designed to help you focus on the task at hand and ace your insurance license test.

1. Set a study schedule

Reserve a couple of hours each day to study for your insurance exam. Try to study at the same time every day to make sure that you are dedicating time to learning the material. It’s best to study for an hour, take a fifteen-minute break to allow the material to stick in your mind, and then study for another hour.

Study breaks are important because they help keep your mind focused. Take a walk, drink coffee, or eat lunch. Don’t overload yourself with studying, as this will cause unneeded stress.

2. Eliminate distractions while studying

Studying for your insurance exam online can present a lot of distractions—online shopping, social media, etc. To avoid losing out on learning important information and soaking in as much information as possible, focus on your study materials and your study materials only. Turn off the TV, silence your cell phone, close other browser windows, turn off your music, and just focus on the task at hand.

3. Study in different ways

Practice different methods of studying. Write each term and definition down, and then spend time reciting the term and definition. Have a friend or family member help you study by quizzing you. Mix different concepts together so you know that you aren’t merely memorizing the material, but that you actually understand it. The more ways you study, the more likely you are to ace your insurance license test.

4. Understand the difference between similar concepts

Make sure that you have studied not only the definitions of all insurance license exam terms, but also how similar terms differ in meaning. It is important that you realize that one concept can be a part of a more general concept, but not vice versa. Once you have mastered both the definitions and the differences in concepts, you’ll be ready to pass your insurance license test.

5. Look out for double negatives

Some questions on the state insurance license test may begin with words like “all or “none” and may end with “except.” For questions like these, you’ll want to choose the answer that is an inverse to what the question is asking. If a question begins with “all,” then you will want to search for the answer that has to do with that specific concept. If a question ends with “except,” then you’ll want to choose the answer that doesn’t pertain to the concept mentioned in the question. These are questions you will want to read carefully and closely to make sure that you fully understand what is being asked.

6. Relax and stay confident during your insurance license test

While taking your insurance exam, try to stay relaxed, calm, and confident. If you don’t know an answer, don’t waste time dwelling on it. Move on to the next question, and come back to it later. Your test time is limited, so be mindful of your time and how quickly you are moving through the exam. Stay focused and remind yourself that you know the material. Stick to your gut instinct, and never change an answer unless you’ve misread the question.

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