Obtaining Your Insurance License in 7 Steps

obtaining your insurance license

If you are considering a career in the insurance business, obtaining your insurance license is a must. The license, issued by the state, allows you to solicit and sell insurance products. If you are planning to sell to neighboring states, you will need an insurance license from those states as well. You do not need to be affiliated with a particular insurance agency while you are obtaining your insurance license. But you will need to be once you begin your insurance career.

Navigating the licensing process may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are instructions for obtaining your insurance license in roughly seven easy steps.

1. Get online

Visit the state insurance commissioner’s website for the state in which you want to obtain your license. For even more information, visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). If you need help finding your state’s website, you can search the NAIC’s national directory.

2. Choose the type of insurance

Next, choose the type of insurance industry you would like to work in—auto, home, life, health, business, etc. Every state breaks down these options differently. You may obtain your license in more than one industry. Some insurance companies offer many types of insurance policies together as a bundle. So you might consider getting a license to sell each different policy.

3. Read the insurance license checklist

Go through the checklist of items required for obtaining your insurance license, as well as the regulation policy. Each state is different, but the general requirements include:

  • Achieving a set number of coursework hours
  • Passing a background check
  • Passing the state-administered exam

4. Provide background info

You will have to provide your background history, fingerprints, and employment history to complete your insurance license application. For a fee, you can get your fingerprinting done at a notary public or police station.

5. Register for class

Register for an in-person or online insurance pre-licensing class designed for your chosen type of insurance. Each class will discuss basic insurance concepts and regulations. Attend every class to ensure that you complete the required hours for obtaining your insurance license. Some insurance license classes require that you sign in and out to track your attendance.

It is important to weigh the merits of in-person versus online insurance training. Each has different pros and cons depending on your personal learning style, availability, and schedule.

6. Study for the state-administered insurance exam

Now that you’ve completed your insurance pre-licensing class, it’s time to study for the exam. Whether you sign up for an online test prep course or enroll in further coursework, studying for your state-administered exam is always a great idea. An insurance exam prep course will often cover topics in more depth. It will also help you prepare for state-specific tests. The cost of study materials will vary with each different type of insurance license.

7. Pass the exam and begin your insurance career

Register for your state-administered insurance license exam. Now that you’ve completed your pre-licensing coursework and used study materials to prepare, you’re ready to take the exam. You should have no problem passing with a 70% or higher. Once you’ve achieved this score, start looking for an insurance company with whom you can begin your career!

Obtaining your insurance license online

Ready to get started? If you wish, you can complete your pre-licensing coursework hours 100% online. Explore online insurance training packages and pre-licensing classes available via Insurance License Express.


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