4 Reasons to Pursue Your Insurance License Online

insurance license online

Our lives are more mobile now than ever before. It seems like we are always on the go. With work, social events, family, and home life, it’s hard to imagine finding the time to go to class to earn an insurance license. Luckily, you can get your insurance license online. Online insurance schools offer more flexibility to fit your lifestyle, plus they’re more cost-effective. Here are four reasons to pursue your insurance license online.

1. Flexibility

Online insurance training allows you to work at your own pace and speed, so you’ll never fall behind. Traditional classes require you to attend class 3 to 5 days a week for 8 to 10 hours. You listen to an instructor, take notes, and work at a group pace. You must rely on your notes during the course to prepare for your final exam. With online insurance classes, you learn only the information you need to know to pass the state exam, and you can access this info at any time. You have full access to all of the course material and features, including instructor help, for the entire 90-day enrollment period.

2. Accessibility

You can complete your online insurance course at any time, on any computer or mobile device. If you have a few spare minutes on your lunch break or you’re waiting for an appointment, you can work on your course. A traditional, in-person insurance course only allows you to work during classroom hours and only allows you access to the instructor during class. With online insurance training, you have access to an instructor 24/7. This accessibility allows you to finish the online insurance course as fast as you want. A traditional classroom course, on the other hand, cannot be completed early. When you pursue your insurance license online, you can finish the course in 3 days or take the full 90-day enrollment period. The time it takes to complete the course is up to you.

3. Cost

Cost is one of the main reasons to pursue your insurance license online. An online insurance course usually costs only one-third or one-fourth the price of a traditional classroom course. Plus, you won’t have to waste valuable time and money driving to and from the classroom. Nor will you have to miss work or important events in order to attend the class. Online classes allow you to save money and get your coursework done on your own time.

4. Features

Online insurance schools are constantly updating curriculum and course information to ensure that you are learning all of the necessary information to do well on your state insurance exam. They also allow you to study online, using features like instructional videos, interactive illustrations and applications, and exam simulators. As you progress through the online insurance course, you will receive performance-based feedback pertaining to your readiness for the state exam.

Ready to get your insurance license online?

If you want to pursue your insurance license online—on your own time, at your own pace—and not have to commit to attending class every week, then online insurance school is a great option. When you earn your insurance license online, you will never fall behind or stress about getting the work completed in a specific time frame.

The first step to launching your insurance career is selecting the right school. Learn more about the online insurance training programs available at Insurance License Express.