Vetting Your Insurance School in 4 Steps

vetting your insurance school

Are you looking to take the next step in becoming a licensed insurance agent by enrolling in insurance license school? How can you be sure that you are choosing the right school? With four easy steps, you can vet your insurance school to ensure you are picking the one that is right for you and your career.

Here are four important steps to remember as you begin the vetting process.

1. Explore your options

Research multiple insurance schools and find out their ratings to determine which have the highest success rates. Find out how long the classes are, when they’re held, and if they have an online option. Look into additional benefits offered by each school, such as 24/7 training and 24/7 instructors. You will also need to research how much the insurance pre-licensing course will cost and how long it will take you to complete the course at different insurance schools. This will help you narrow down your choices.

2. Ask your colleagues for recommendations

Once you have narrowed down your choices, ask friends that are licensed insurance agents, or even your own insurance agent, where they attended insurance license school. Ask about their experiences and if they were happy with their training.

Remember, online research can be biased because many insurance schools don’t reveal the bad reviews about their school. Getting recommendations from former students is a great way to determine which might be the right fit for you and which to eliminate from your list.

3. Contact the insurance schools

Dig a little deeper and contact the insurance schools on your list to learn even more about them. Be mindful that some information you read online may have changed, so the best method for getting correct information about each insurance school is to contact them. You may even want to set up a meeting or phone call with a representative from each insurance license school. Click here to request a free info kit or contact one of our counselors at Insurance License Express.

Contacting the insurance schools will give you a personal connection and a better understanding of each school. This will help you vet out schools that aren’t a good fit for you or your schedule, as well as schools that may be too pricey or time consuming.

4. Choose your insurance school

Now that you’ve researched and contacted the insurance schools you’re interested in, and you’ve contacted colleagues and friends in the insurance business, you are ready to choose your insurance school. Make sure that the school’s coursework is updated frequently so that you are learning all of the information needed to pass your insurance license exam. And make sure that they are an accredited institution for your particular state. Once you enroll, you’ll be on the journey to beginning your new career as a licensed insurance professional.

Why vet your insurance school?

Choosing the right insurance school is important to your future success as an insurance agent. The vetting process doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require a certain time investment. Finding an insurance license school that’s right for you is well worth the time and effort. Choosing a school that doesn’t adhere to your schedule or budget may set you back in becoming a licensed insurance professional. On the other hand, selecting the right insurance school will help you achieve your ultimate career goal of becoming a successful insurance agent.

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